Starkon manufactures custom-made ‘throwing-chair’ for wheelchair-Athlete Elise Van Es!

June 10, 2020

Last year Elise did a strength-training and they liked to try to shot-put. This was very successful and Elise threw beyond the Dutch record with her first punches and came close to the limit for the Paralympic games in Tokyo. This is in the F33 class at 5.20 meters.

Wheelchair athletes who participate in shot-put may use a special throwing-chair. This chair is a maximum of 75 cm high and the athletes are attached to it. Why 75 cm? That’s about the height of an average person who can stand.

Throwing-chairs are expensive and must be custom made. Through a relationship, Starkon heard of this situation and did not hesitate for a moment and proposed to make this chair for her. The entire team, both permanent staff and temporary staff, immediately agreed to sponsor these together!

What a nice gesture from the entire Starkon Industrial Service team, #teamstarkon!

It was ready months ago, but due to corona measures, Elise was not yet able to personally receive it. Friday, May 15, the time had come, Elise personally picked up the throwing-chair.

The first training she immediately hit 5.70 meters! Which promises something for the coming months.

Starkon is proud on all his permanent staff and temporary staff,  who immediately agreed to sponsor these together!

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