STS Crane workingplatform

Develop, design, fabricate and deliver off special made trolley rail working platform.


The challenge

Maintenance on trolley rails of ship to shore cranes, are expensive and time consuming.
Access to the Ship to shore cranes trolley rails for maintenance purpose are mostly achieved by using scaffolding. As scaffolding is time consuming STARKON challenges herself to develop a solution for this problem.

The solution

STARKON develop a working platform which results in a safer and faster work method to reach the trolley rail of the giant sts cranes.

The result

The working platform is available for RENT our sales. When required in combination with our trained STS crane rail team. For all repair on STS trolley rail , such as shortrail replacements , rail clip replacement etc. you can contact our STARKON team.

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STS Crane workingplatform
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