STS Crane Trolley Wheel & Truck refurbishment

Complete trolley drive train overhaul


The challenge

After 15 years of operations, the trolley drive train was worn out, and it was time for a complete replacement. The overhaul had to be done in a tight timeframe to minimize the crane’s downtime.

The solution

STARKON was up for the challenge and executed the complete project.

  • a project safety plan including risk analyses;
  • a project schedule including a daily progress update;
  • the whole body vibration measurement;
  • replacement of all trolley drive train parts;
  • trolley wheel alignment after the replacement;
  • wheel replacement;
  • all bearings and shaft replacements; and
  • truck buffer replacement and height adjustment.

The result

Even with some setbacks like adverse weather conditions, STARKON succeeded to complete the project within the tight schedule. The overhaul of the complete drive train of the ship-to-shore crane resulted in the smooth function of the trolley operations. The crane is now ready for another 15 years of container movements.

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