STS Crane Structural Inspection

STS Crane 12 Yearly Structural Inspection


The challenge

STARKON’s client requested to coördinate and perform the 12 yearly structural inspection program defined by the OEM’er. The Challenge is that it is to be done on all cranes on various locations on a 100% operational terminal. Proper scheduling and efficient working methods are therefore required to complete all inspections within the given timeframe.

The solution

STARKON plans the inspections, required equipment like cherry pickers between 30 and up to 103 M, required manpower like painters and inspectors in a detailed way and in close coörperation with the technical department of the terminal to allow smooth and efficient inspection works in between the operational use of the cranes.
Corrosion removal and paint repairs are performed parallel to the inspection works as all locations are reachable by the use of the required cherry pickers.

The result

STARKON’s daily scheduling and coördination results in proper time- and cost-efficient results. Taking the weather forecast into account flexibility of the manpower on the site is sometimes required but #teamstarkon is used to this and the progress is according to schedule.

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