STS Crane Boom Hinge

STS Container Crane boom hinge bearing, shaft and bush replacement.


The challenge

STARKON’s client requested that we inspect the boom hinge bearings first. The outcome was that the bearings were damaged/cracked and had to be replaced. During the repair, we found that the shaft and bush also had to be replaced. These were already on-site ‘in case of…’ so we replaced all in one go. The location is difficult to reach, and not knowing what to expect during the removal of the parts made it a challenge.

The solution

As we already have lots of experience with boom hinge point repairs, we came properly prepared with all the necessary tools and equipment. We used our own working platform to reach the inside safely, as well as custom-made jacking tools and plates, thermal lance gear, and custom-made holding devices.

The result

STARKON exchanged all necessary parts within the given timeframe, despite finding out that we had to replace more than was initially scheduled for. Safety was maintained at all times. Boom motion was tested and found to be running perfectly again after the replacement.

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STS Crane Boom Hinge
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