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Smooth Rail Transit

STS Container Crane Short Rail Replacement & Wheel Alignment - made by starkon


The challenge

STARKON’s STS Crane rail team performed an inspection on an STS crane after reports were received that the trolley was vibrating. During the inspection, several items were identified as being the cause of the vibration. STARKON was challenged to stop the vibration.

The solution

  • We supplied the parts required. All were made in-house such as the trolley rail, transit and underlayment material, rail clips, and the trolley’s bushings.
  • We replaced the shortrails of the transit as well as the worn-out parts of the trolley rail.
  • We adjusted the complete rail length rail span.
  • We replaced several rail clips and the underlayment material.
  • We aligned the trolley wheels and guide rollers.

The result

STARKON again (over 30 replacements have already been performed by STARKON) achieved a perfect rail transit and a smooth trolley operation. This increases the comfort of the operator, extends the life of the components, and increases productivity.

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Smooth Rail Transit
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