Shaft alignment

NOV Sevan vega main reel


The challenge

During the visit of the reel-lay vessel Sevan Vega in Rotterdam, it was necessary to perform a preventive inspection and realignment of the reel drive, including both the shafts and couplings. Given the limited time the vessel had in port, it presented an opportune moment to carry out these tasks. STARKON took the initiative to conduct the inspection and realignment to ensure the optimal functioning of the reel drive system on the vessel.

The solution

Given Starkon’s involvement in the construction of the NOV installation on the Sevan Vega vessel, we were approached to perform the preventive inspection and necessary adjustments. We proudly accepted the assignment, leveraging our expertise and experience in the field. Our goal was to ensure the smooth operation and reliability of the NOV equipment on board the vessel.

The result

In collaboration with NOV and the vessel’s crew, we successfully completed this project within a span of five working days. Throughout the process, we encountered a few necessary adjustments that required last-minute machining of shims. Fortunately, we were able to carry out this task directly on the ship. As a result, the machine operated smoothly and efficiently, ensuring the optimal performance of the equipment. The combined effort and cooperation of all parties involved played a crucial role in the successful outcome.

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Shaft alignment
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