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The challenge

STARKON’s crane service team was selected by its client due to previous research and a proposal submitted by IV-Consult and STARKON which was requested by the same client. The outcome of this new report was that the complete fully welded trolley rails needed to be replaced by a rail which is then mounted by rail clips from the RMG Crane. The complete soleplate of the rail will also be removed, and a new prefabricated sole plate, including welded rail clips will be installed by welding. Between the rail and crane girder, rubber underlayment material will be installed.

The solution

STARKON has wide experience in the field of (trolley) rail replacement and the facilities to prefabricate. The sole plates were prefabricated with welded bottom plates of the rail clips in STARKON’s own workshop. After this, it was all transported together with the new rails, at an approx. length of 120m, other parts and a fully equipped Rail Service Container. The project then started onsite.

The result

The total length of rails and the current sole plate were removed by gouging and grinding. This was followed by centre line measurement, welding a new sole plate, and mounting the new rails. Besides this, various components on the trolley itself needed to be modified or adapted, like the sensor brackets, cable chain, etc. A proper conservation brought us to commissioning and it was finalized with a “crane rail analyze-geometry survey”, again in cooperation with IV Consult. And then of course, the handover of a crane which is good on the track thanks to fully functioning new trolley rails!

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