RMG Crane extend lifetime

Preventive Structural reinforcements


The challenge

In 2022, we were also actively involved with our esteemed client, Cosco Zeebrugge. STARKON was tasked with conducting a lifespan calculation for IV Cocult in the Netherlands. In order to ensure the planned lifespan of the crane, the engineering analysis revealed that certain points of the main structure required preventive reinforcement. STARKON successfully executed the reinforcement work to strengthen the crane as per the engineering recommendations.

The solution

The modifications to the steel structure were located in challenging and hard-to-reach areas, which were also situated above the tracks. To overcome these challenges, STARKON utilised aerial work platforms and trained our welders to operate them as high-reach equipment operators. Through effective communication with the client, we were able to safely access all locations on both cranes. This approach ensured the safety of our team members and allowed us to successfully complete the required work.

The result

Thanks to the excellent collaboration with our client and our suppliers, such as CEBEKO for providing the aerial work platforms and IV BV for engineering support, we were able to successfully and efficiently complete the project within the planned timeframe. Our approach prioritised safety and precision while minimising disruptions to train traffic. The positive working relationships with our partners played a significant role in achieving these results.

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RMG Crane extend lifetime
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