Returning clients

Gantry wheel bogie replacement


The challenge

In 2022, we were approached once again to replace the wheelsets of a gantry. Given that we had successfully completed a similar project for our Rotterdam-based client in 2021, we were more than willing to repeat the process for crane number 2 and 3 in 2022. Our previous experience and expertise in performing such replacements ensured that we were well-prepared to execute the task efficiently and to the client’s satisfaction.

The solution

To safely and efficiently replace the wheelsets, we first needed to remove their weight. For this purpose, we developed a stooling mechanism and used hydraulic jacks to relieve the gantry set. Our team then proceeded to dismantle the axles, which proved to be challenging due to the age of the cranes and the harsh working environment. To overcome this, we utilized our in-house thermal lance team to cut out the stubborn axles. After the dismantling, all components were replaced, and those that could be reused underwent thorough inspection and revision. All of this had to be accomplished within a tight timeframe of 10 working days.

The result

After completing the tasks within the designated time window, we conducted thorough testing of the crane in collaboration with the client. We also worked closely with our suppliers to provide the necessary components for the project. It was a fantastic undertaking, and we took great pride in the fact that the client continues to rely on STARKON’s services. We value the trust they place in us and strive to maintain our high standards of quality and customer satisfaction with every project we undertake.

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Returning clients
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