Offshore Passenger Transfer System

Installation and modification to the world's first heave compensated offshore manlift


The challenge

The LIFT2work is the world’s first heave compensated manlift system ever built. In addition to its usual use, it can also be used to transfer people offshore. LIFT2work OPTS is an offshore access system. As a newly designed product, it presented some challenges to the designers. After testing the machine for the first time, some parts were removed for further inspection. The client also designed some modifications. Also, operators need to become familiar with the system.

The solution

Providing skilled and trained mechanics with a solution-thinking mindset was required. At the same time, the mechanics were trained to be operators of the system so that in the future, the operator can safely operate the system and ensure the machine is functioning properly and safely.

The result

STARKON provided the team of mechanics and performed the required inspection together with the client. At the same time, the operators were trained, and STARKON was ready for offshore operations.

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