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The challenge

To ensure smooth maintenance operations on the lock gates of the new lock in Terneuzen in the future, our client requested us to test the maintenance portals designed by them. The purpose was to identify and address any potential obstacles that could arise during maintenance activities. By conducting thorough testing, we aimed to provide our client with a reliable and efficient solution, ensuring seamless maintenance processes and avoiding any disruptions in the future.

The solution

The client provided a detailed plan for setting up the maintenance portals. Our team, along with the use of cranes, executed the installation process of the portals. Once the lock gate was suspended within the maintenance portals, all water was pumped out of the dock to transfer the full weight of the lock gates onto the portals. This ensured a stable and secure setup for conducting maintenance activities on the lock gates.

The result

The outcome was a well-functioning maintenance portal. This success was attributed to the excellent preparation by our client, Sassevaart, and the pleasant collaboration with the crane company. We were able to safely and successfully complete the task. In the future, when scheduled maintenance is required, we hope that STARKON will once again be chosen as the trusted partner for the job.

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