General Project Support during the ‘corona-crisis’ times…

Supporting our clients in the most efficient way possible during these difficult times

Project Support

The challenge

Various newly built projects require continuation of work to achieve milestones and completion. Service-related projects require continuation to ensure machinery availability. Taking all necessary precautions into account, this has some impact on the efficiency of the work per man-hour. The challenge is to keep this efficiency as high as possible, maintaining the priority of the health and safety of all involved.

The solution

Providing the required skilled and experienced personnel in combination with the required tools, PPE and proper instruction. Where required, specialised tools and equipment are fabricated to keep social distancing into account at all times. Completing daily planned tasks, which are now more time consuming, is achieved by working in extra shifts.

The result

STARKON, together with its client, comes up with solutions on how to overcome these difficulties and how to keep all the projects going, where possible.

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We are always available to explain the solutions that we provide. For any particular problem causing operational issues or delays and which requires urgent action, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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