Gantry Gearbox Modification and Exchange



The challenge

STARKON’s client requested the removal and installation of several gantry gearboxes for modification purposes. After more than 13 years of service, removing these gearboxes from the crane requires proper tools and craftmanship to avoid any damage to the parts that are to be re-used.

The solution

Besides providing the proper tools and equipment to perform these kinds of jobs, by means of workshop/tool containers, STARKON’s team also has the required skilled and experienced mechanics in the field of jacking cranes. Jacking was also in the scope from STARKON as well as delivering the whole project which included planning, safety plans and jacking plans.

The result

STARKON’s project support team managed to complete the project according to plan. This resulted in a modified and improved gantry drive, including new grease and gearbox oils, which reduces the maintenance downtime of the cranes in the future.

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