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The challenge

With over 25 years of experience in replacing shortrails of STS cranes, STARKON proudly provided our rail service to 11 STS cranes in 2022. We were responsible for both the production and delivery of the necessary components, including in-house manufactured shortrails, as well as their professional installation. This project involved 9 ZPMC cranes and 2 Regianna cranes. We are delighted to have contributed to these projects and are ready to take on more similar challenges.

The solution

At STARKON, when delivering and replacing a short rail, we pay meticulous attention to detail. During the production of the short rail, we ensure strict monitoring to prevent any curvature, which could lead to cracking and movement. During the installation of the short rail, we always provide a rail that is longer than the original one, and we align the peiner profiles, on which the rail rests, at the same height. Additionally, we machine the peiner profiles using metal milling before laying the rail on top. The precision in adjusting the rail involves working with tolerances of tenths of millimeters to achieve the best result without compromising the hardened layer. We employ our mobile milling machine for this purpose. To ensure a long service life, our team dedicates great attention to the preservation of the rail, preventing corrosion, dirt, and other contaminants from forming underneath the rail.

The result

The results achieved with all 11 cranes were optimal, and we have gained the trust of our customers by meeting their expectations. At Starkon, we believe that customer satisfaction is not solely determined by the final delivery; it is also measured through the application of vibration and vibration measurements. During our projects, we have conducted such measurements to ensure the quality of our work. In some cases, the short rail transitions we executed showed no deviation in measurement compared to the rest of the trolley rail. This means that the operators experienced a smooth transition without any disruptions. However, it is important to note that achieving this optimal result may not always be feasible, as it depends on the condition of the crane.

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