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The challenge

STARKON’s client requested the removal and installation of several gantry wheels and the assembly of four new complete pieces, including shafts, bearings and covers.
Through over a decade of experience in all kinds of industrial services, STARKON knows that removing these wheels requires proper tools and craftmanship to avoid damage to the parts to be re-used. The challenge here was the crane’s age, referring to the shafts mounted for a very long time, so most likely very stuck as well. And indeed, the shaft of the equalizer didn’t come out with hydraulic pressing by 160T.

The solution

STARKON’s motto/mentality is: “open to opportunities other than the standard solutions”. As mentioned within “The challenge”, the shaft did not come loose by the conventional method, which is hydraulic jacks.
aSTARKON did the job Without damaging the parts which needed to be re-used. This is a method done by specialists like STARKON.

The result

STARKON’s Team-effort, which brought together and properly aligned different disciplines, all of which are found in-house at STARKON, ensured the job was done before the agreed deadline. This was done despite the extra works (Thermal Lance Cutting) required. Besides the onsite works, our mechanics built new sets of Gantry Wheels in our Workshop in Stellendam.
Yet another satisfied customer! #teamstarkon!

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