New Specialization from Starkon – Orbital Welders / Operators

October 21, 2020

STARKON’s team is currently active on a project from a new customer. We are exploring a new sector of the labor market: modular construction in the pharma industry. As the main supplier of labor and tools, like among others, mechanics, panel fitters, and electricians, STARKON’s challenge is to arrange Orbital Welders including those who can use Orbital welding machines.

STARKON’s solution:
– The sales and operation team have put everything together to offer a package that includes both machines and welders;
– We have selected a reliable and qualified partner regarding the Orbital welding machines including closed welding heads; and
– We have selected a professional and renowned partner for training Orbital Welders/Operators.

STARKON’s Result:
– We have trained and examined a good group of welders into becoming certified Orbital Welders / Orbital Operators;
– We have reliable and state-of-the-art equipment like Orbital Welding machines and closed welding heads; and
– We have the additional required equipment, such as Orbital Cutting Saws, bevelling machines, oxygen meters and backing gas systems.

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